1. Mission Statement:
Bonginkosi Christian Academy is dedicated to academic excellence and character education. It
supports parents to raise moral children and promotes Christianity founded on the principle of the

2. The school is unique for:
At the Bonginkosi Christian Academy we have a tradition of incorporating field trips into our quarter
activities. This enables us to make advantage of the rich cultural, historical, civic, and ethnic
resources in the Durban area. The entire community becomes a classroom outside the school wall

Founded in 2003
Registered with ACSI independent school association

Name of Principal: Mrs NP Nyawo

Physical Address: P 7 , Bhejane Road, KwaMashu, 4360

Postal Address: P.O Box 76858, Marbleray, 4035

Email Addess: admin@bonginkosica.co.za

Tel: 031 503 2379

Cell: 079 311 6744

Fax: 031 504 6670

District: Pinetown

Circuit: KwaMashu Central

Ward: 104


On August 15th, the Bonginkosi Christian Academy (BCA), under the inspiring leadership of Mrs. Nyawo, the school’s Principal, celebrated a significant event – the Founders Day. This special occasion honored the visionary minds behind the establishment of the school, Dr. ZN Mzimela and Mama MD Mzimela. The date held a profound significance, as it also marked the birthday of the late Bishop ZN Mzimela, who departed to be with the Lord on June 30th, 2019.

This year’s celebration carried extra weight as BCA commemorated its 20th anniversary since its founding by Dr. ZN Mzimela and Mama MD Mzimela. Their shared vision for a faith-based educational institution has been the cornerstone of the school’s mission. BCA’s purpose aligns seamlessly with that of the church, which aims to nurture young individuals into self-discovery through their faith in Christ, epitomized by the motto “Raising Sons and Daughters to Discover Themselves in Christ.”

The anticipation for this event had grown amongst well-known church members who had been involved in the establishment of BCA. The celebration welcomed esteemed individuals like Miss S. Gasa, a former teacher at BCA, who eloquently shared insights into the school’s background. Mrs. Dee Mzobe, a former KCC Pastor Secretary, shared the significance of the day, recounting stories and incidents from the early days.

The event saw active participation from Bonginkosi learners, who contributed through soulful songs, heartfelt poems, and recitations of memorable quotes by Bishop Mzimela, such as “You are going somewhere,” “You won’t die like this,” and “Keep on keeping on.” Miss Kipa Gasa, commended the students for their outstanding performances and exemplary behavior.

Ps. B. Mzimela, a senior pastor at KwaMashu Christian Centre, delivered an inspiring message to the students, encouraging them to pursue excellence in all their endeavors. The program’s proceedings were smoothly guided by Miss Beauty Batisa, the Program Director, who expressed gratitude to the attendees and concluded with a closing prayer.

To evoke a sense of nostalgia, the Bonginkosi Christian Academy Choir serenaded the audience with a song close to Bishop ZN Mzimela’s heart – “Izwi Lokuphila,” a composition he had led during his early days as a musician while being part of the group called Youth Aflame.

The Founders Day celebration served as a testament to the enduring legacy of Dr. ZN Mzimela and Mama MD Mzimela’s vision, and to the journey of growth and achievement that BCA has embarked on over the past two decades