Couples Ministry

Husband and wife in park

KCC has a Ministry that looks into issues of married couples and support their endeavour to their own happiness in marriage. In support of the theme and the vision of KwaMashu Christian Centre ‘Raising Sons and Daughters to discover their destiny in Christ’- there is a vibrant couples’ fellowship. The family unit is essential in building a prosperous, happy and focused family networks.

The development of a positive attitude is the first conscious step towards becoming an effective leader and a helpful father. Attitudes determine a person’s destiny in life; it defines our relationship with people, it also establishes the distance between success and failure.

Lastly, attitude can also affect our desired outcomes in life. The most fundamental switch that attitude has in our lives is the turning of challenges into blessings. KCC has this network of  support. It is there to help couples enjoy their matrimony KCC couples have an annual programme that include meetings, family outings, marriage seminars and outings that focuses on the intimacy.

The book of Deuteronomy has a theme running in it – the land the Lord your God gives you and also – go in and possess the land. Everything we receive from God is a gift, but we have to take it. Salvation is a gift from God but we ‘must go in and posses it’ for it to be ours. There is a question arising from this book concerning the ownership of the land that is, was the land for them forever or was it theirs to keep or loose. This scripture ministers to the unit offamily under the couples ministry.

The whole history of Israel can be summed up as obedience and righteousness brought them blessings. As couples the Lord expect us to read and do the Word as it is written.We are saved for righteousness not by righteousness. Our righteousness must exceed that of the Pharisees and the scribes, but now our righteousness is inward as well as outward. Now we have the Spirit to enable us. Thus we are justified by faith, but judged by works.The couples ministry of KwaMashu Christian Centre are raised to meet a complete self-righteous life that will please  God – in the spirit of RESPECT