The Business Desk

The business ministry pursues a vision premised on the Church’s main foresight of raising Sons and Daughters to discover their destiny. Our very being is the belief that God created us in his image to have dominion over the earth, including business on  earth. Naturally, the ministry prioritises the need for each one of us to understand who we are, our covenant rights and purpose.

The anchor event of the Business Ministry is the Business Breakfast meeting, which are themed around business success testimonies, information & experience sharing and importantly, prayer. It is immensely gratifying to see how, people (Sons and Daughters) who have been a part of these breakfast sessions, have grown in business over the years. It would be unjustified to underplay the contribution of our Bishop, whose  insistence for excellence and eminence, has ensured that we are inspired to pursue growth and never wither.

This unwavering selfless support continues to propel our work as the Ministry and as Sons and Daughters in business. Though our Ministry has been inward focused, yet global in our outlook, which we have sustained through content that is relevant and practical, we have now ventured into outreach programmes. In keeping with the belief that our covenant rights are over all the earth, as well as in operating under”kwa zinto ziyenzeka”

Our very first inspirational outreach was to New Orleans, US last year. No amount of words can explain the impact  of the visit and the treasure, spiritually and otherwise, gained. Charged with the responsibility to lead the KCC  Business Ministry, I have to admit that all my business expertise and experience in business organisations, does not qualify me to lead this grand mission. Though we pride ourselves for being unapologetic of conducting ourselves very’business like: we remain grounded to God’s purpose for wealth creation and distribution.

Let us invite you to join us in the discovery of the wealth God has entrusted you with, for his Glory, and how wonderful is it that Wealth can never pass through you, without you being ‘cash square.